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Christine Huggins, Founder

Website: AphasiaLife.org 

TheStrokeChannel.TV is currently looking for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists to feature on video demonstrating helpful techniques to stroke survivors.   "Click Here"

Therapists wanted!

TheStrokeChannel.TV and "Life After Stroke"

For more information, contact:

Metro Media Group

(818) 925-4343

Email: mail@thestrokechannel.tv​​

Important contact info as heard on

Ashley Jacobson, Disability Attorney

Website: LegallyAbled.com

Email: legallyabled@gmail.com

- To book Christopher Ewing to host an event, or
make an appearance at your event,

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- To book a Life Coach session with Christopher, "Click Here"

Providing Helpful Information & Support For Stroke Survivors & caregivers

Jodi Dembicer-Gross, M.S. CCC

Speech Language Pathologist
Email: jodidgslp@gmail.com

Amy from Florida:

"Thank you so much for your podcasts and support group. I love the topics you address and I am going to recommend your podcasts to anyone and everyone I meet. They are so helpful. You touch on topics I didn't even know I needed information on! Keep up the good work Christopher and group. <3"

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