Providing Helpful Information & Support For Stroke Survivors & caregivers

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TheStrokeChannel.TV was created by

Emmy Award winning TV Host, Producer, Motivational Speaker, 

Certified Life Coach, and stroke survivor, Christopher Ewing

to help raise awareness about the signs of stroke,

as well as provide support to those who have suffered a stroke.

On April 21, 2018 my life changed forever.  During a lecture I was conducting at my TV studio in Hollywood, I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in the right basal ganglia area of my brain.  Immediately paralyzed on the left side, I was in intensive care for 5 days and was then transferred to a rehabilitation hospital where I remained for a month and a half, and during that time I was so scared!  I always thought that a stroke only happened to the little old lady who lives down the street.  All I could think was "What do you mean I'm having a stroke?! That’s impossible, I'm too young to have a stroke!"

In the back of the ambulance on the way to the hospital, things got really real. I began to realize that I really was having a stroke.  Then, after reality set in, more thoughts, and fears, crept into my mind:  "What does this mean for my future?"  "Will I be an invalid for the rest of my life?"  "Will I ever be 'normal' again?"   "I'm a single guy who has always wanted to get married and have a wife and kids.  Will a girl ever want me and love me if I can't walk or if I’m handicapped?"

As the days and weeks went on, I realized how many questions I had about my stroke, and my future.  I also realized how prevalent stroke is in our country and that I'm not the only stroke survivor who is searching for answers, for helpful information and, most of all, for hope. In the midst of all of these questions, I have come across a number of excellent medical professionals (doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, etc.) who, so unselfishly, have dedicated their lives to helping stroke survivors get their life back.  These professionals have a wealth of information on the topic of stroke, and after meeting several of these fabulous individuals over the past few months, I continue to find myself saying more times than not, "other stroke survivors need to hear this information." 

So that’s why I have felt compelled to create The Stroke Channel.TV -  to provide an additional source of information, videos, therapies, exercises, access to exciting support groups and more, all in an effort to help other stroke survivors recover and get their lives back.

We are a family. We are a community. And together, we will heal.  

~ Christopher


Christopher Ewing

about The Stroke Channel.TV


Having now regained his ability to walk, and with his speech almost completely back to normal, Christopher is the creator and host a popular radio podcast called "Life After Stroke" which is recorded during a stroke support group that he hosts each week in Burbank. California. The show features discussions with other stroke survivors, as well as interviews with top professionals in the medical field who deal with stroke.

The "Life After Stroke" radio show can be heard around the world on
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It is also available on The Stroke Channel TV mobile app,

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Christopher has also been back on a horse

and recently returned to the radio airways hosting his popular weekly music show,

​"The Radio Cafe Top 10 Countdown",

where he features music by independent singers and bands from around the world. 

This popular weekly show can also be heard on

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