Providing Helpful Information & Support For Stroke Survivors & caregivers

To get Roku on your television, all you need is a Roku stick!

"Where do I get a Roku stick?"
You can easily purchase a Roku device from Amazon, and they will deliver it right to your door in a day or so!  

Also, installation of Roku on your television is super easy (like 15 minutes or less)!  Just plug it into the back of your TV set! 

"Which Roku device is best for me?"

If you already have a "Smart TV" (one of the newer, high-definition, televisions with an HDMI connection),

you may already have Roku on your television (many new televisions nowadays come with it pre-installed), so check first.

If you have a newer TV that doesn't have Roku already installed, then any of the Roku devices below will do! 

Just check out each one and see which one meets your particular needs best. 

*NOTE: If you have an older television that doesn't have an HDMI connection, then you need the Roku Express+ (Roku Express PLUS)  

The Stroke Channel is also available on Amazon Fire TV devices!

"Roku Stick" for newer TVs

New to Roku?  What is Roku?

If you don't already have Roku, or if you don't know what Roku is, here is some info:

Roku is a small black box, or a small stick, that connects to your television that allows you to instantly stream 350,000+ movies and TV episodes across 3,500+ free and paid channels, including Netflix, Hulu, PBS, NBC, CNN, ESPN, Fox, NPR, the BBC, and tons more!  You can also stream sports events and music from Spotify, iTunes, iHeart Radio and more! 

All 100% legal, and most channels are 100% free!  

Think of it as having cable TV, without having a cable TV bill! 

There is no monthly cable bill, Roku is free. All you need to buy is one of their super inexpensive Roku devices, plug it into your TV and you are all set! 

And, again, most of the channels on Roku, including TheStrokeChannel.TV, 

are all free to watch!

The Stroke Channel is now "on-the-air" on Roku and Amazon Fire TV!

In keeping with its mission of providing accessible stroke-related help and information to those who may not be able to access such information due to physical or geographical limitations, TheStrokeChannel.TV is pleased to be a part of the Roku and Amazon Fire TV television platforms.  

Over 41 million people have Roku on their televisions around the world, Amazon Fire TV has 34 million, and through this exciting new venture, we are able to help bring awareness about stroke to more people than ever before!  

On "The Stroke Channel" on Roku and Amazon TV, we feature news and information about the latest breakthroughs in stroke, as well as video exercises by some of the best physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, recreational therapists

and much, much more!   

And all of it easily accessible on your television at the push of a button.

So even if you are in a wheelchair, or in bed at a hospital or rehab facility, you will have 24/7 access to helpful news and information.  

"Roku Box" for older TVs

To choose the Roku that's best for you,

"Click Here"!

Already have Roku on your television?  
Simply go to the Search screen on Roku and Amazon Fire TV

and type in ​"The Stroke Channel"

and add it to your TV channel lineup!  It's free!