"Life After Stroke" is a new weekly support group that provides help and information to stroke survivors and caregivers in a very unique way.  Each "Life After Stroke" support group meeting actually includes 2 individual, and separate, sessions; one for stroke survivors and one for caregivers.  The new "Life After Stroke" weekly radio podcast records on the same day.  Structured in a talk show-style format, the show provides help and support to those who would like to participate in a support group, but are unable to due to physical and/or geographical limitations. 

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Stroke Survivor Support Group


A caregiver may experience the traumatic effects of stroke almost as much as the stroke survivor themselves, especially if the caregiver is a relative or loved one (i.e. a spouse, a parent, a close loved one).  The role that the caregiver can instantly find themselves thrust into can be truly life changing, and just as the stroke survivor, they may find them selves needing "care giving" themselves, as they try to understand how to handle their new adjustments and responsibilities.

That's why each weekly "Life After Stroke" support group features a caregivers session; a breakaway discussion time where caregivers of stroke survivors can have their own personal time, outside of the presence of the stroke survivor, to be able to share with other caregivers what they may be going through in their life. Through these breakaway sessions, caregivers may be able to receive comfort, as well as helpful ideas, that may be able to ease some of the stress they may be experiencing.  

Each caregivers support session is facilitated by a Group Moderator, as well as a skilled therapist, who will create an atmosphere where all of the caregivers participating in the group can comfortably share their feelings. This is also a time when the caregivers can ask a trained professional questions and receive advice on how to deal with any challenges that they may be experiencing as they serve in their new role as a caregiver.     

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Caregiver Support Group

Radio Show

"Life After Stroke" Weekly Support Group Schedule​​

One minute, everything is fine. 

And then in an instant, life has changed forever. 
When someone first has a stroke, the experience they go through at that moment can be devastating, to say the least. They may find themselves instantly thrust into a new world - a world where nothing seems the way things used to be.  They are suddenly unable to do the things they have been able to do so effortlessly all their lives,

and that sudden change can leave the stroke survivor with far more questions than they have answers.

 That's why each "Life After Stroke" support group features a Stroke Survivors session, where stroke survivors can share with other stroke survivors, how they are dealing with their stroke. 

Plus, just as with the Caregivers support sessions, the Stroke Survivor support sessions are facilitated by a Group Moderator, as well as various trained individuals (physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, etc.)  who will create a beneficial atmosphere where, each week, all of those participating in the stroke survivors sessions can receive helpful information and exercises that may significant improve their quality of life in one of the most unique support group sessions ever.  This is also a time when the stroke survivor can ask a trained professional for help or advice in dealing with any problems they may have been experiencing as they deal with their stroke.   

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And listen on

There are enough things in life that are limiting for stroke survivors to be a part of.  Support groups should not be one of them.

That is why following the breakaway sessions, the "Life After Stroke" radio podcast starts taping. 

The "Life After Stroke" radio podcast is designed to offer listeners the same kind of friendly, compassionate connection and helpful information that participants experience when they attend a support group in person.

Hosted and moderated by Emmy Award winning TV Host, Producer and stroke survivor, Christopher Ewing, this unique weekly podcast series provides the same kind of helpful advice and information experienced in a regular support group, yet also provides it in recorded podcast form for those who are physically, and/or geographically, unable to attend a stroke support group in person.

Each podcast airs weekly on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and features a round-table discussion where fellow stroke survivors, caregivers, etc., are welcome to share their feelings, experiences, milestones and accomplishments. Doctors, therapists and other experts on stroke are also interviewed on the show.  Stroke survivors attending the stroke support group are not required to participate in the radio show.  They are more than welcome to just come and listen and enjoy meeting other stroke survivors. 

All of this is in an effort to show stroke survivors that there is still a beautiful and fulfilling "life after stroke"!

Photos from Episode #5

Photos from Episode #8

There is no charge to attend the support groups and participants are not required to speak or be interviewed on the radio. 
here are light refreshments available and free, validated parking!

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"Life After Stroke" support group and podcast,

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Providing Helpful Information & Support For Stroke Survivors & caregivers