Providing Helpful Information & Support For Stroke Survivors & caregivers


"Just because we had a stroke, doesn't mean we have to dress like it! 

While we might not be able to get dressed as quickly, or button our shirts or tie our shoes like we used to, it doesn't mean all we can wear are the same old sweat suits, and boring looking shoes with velcro straps!

"That's why we've created the "Life After Stroke" - Beautiful Solutions line of clothing choices!  

We have partnered with our friends at Zappos and have personally selected clothes and shoes that will fit the style, and budget, of stroke survivors around the world. 

With special, disability-friendly, fashions by Tommy Hilfiger, Sketchers, Nike and more,

we will be living proof, that there is still a beautiful life after stroke!"

- Christopher Ewing, president & founder of TheStrokeChannel.TV & "Life After Stroke"   


"Because there is still a beautiful life after stroke"